Dascal consultants are driving innovation in key industry issues and we have developed a set of approaches and tools to help clients navigate the increasing uncertainties and complexities of the oil and gas industry.  We offer a wide range of expertise in the industry and we are dedicated to the planning, development, implementation and maintenance of customized safety services and quality management programs to maximize your operations.

We are a global consulting company offering  specialized consultants to the petrochemical, energy, chemical and environmental safety industries.  Our priority is to deliver expert advice to our clients from risk assessment to project design & implementation while ensuring operational success with long-term value.

Dascal Group Consulting has provided health, safety and compliance program management consulting services to contractors, operators and oilfield service companies for the past few years under our sister company, Hyperion Safety Services.   From the success of that consultancy, we have branched out to a separate exclusive consulting entity, the Dascal Group.

Our consultants are specialists in project management design and implementation yet we also have a pool of knowledgeable staff with expertise related to offshore safety, medical management and competency evaluation at their disposal for internal consultation.

Some of our most effectual consultancy includes:

  • Quality, safety, health, and environmental management systems
  • Development and implementation consulting
  • Safety program development and consulting
  • Improvement projects for regulatory/SEMS projects
  • Environmental compliance

Business people hands


  • Planning, development, implementation & maintenance of custom policies/procedures
  • Change management/implementation strategy
  • Quantifying risks of people, assets or production
  • Quality audits and management (API Spec Q1, API Spec Q2, ISO 9001)
  • Continuous improvement process
  • Process management

Design & Development

  • Contract advisory / consultancy for projects, programs, tasks, and operations
  • Health & safety programs (ASSE/AIHA Z10, OHSAS 18001)
  • Management systems
  • Environmentally friendly design/implementation
  • Competency assessment systems