Dascal Consultants are skilled specialists who are accomplished at providing strategic, qualitative risk analysis as well as producing comprehensive plans to achieve efficient and consistent operations in the oil and gas industry.  In doing so, risks are minimized while management systems align to eradicate workplace injuries while sustaining regulatory compliance.  Moreover, we take the time to fully understand organizational structures to smoothly integrate our environmental health and safety consulting services into internal operations and procedures.   Our consultancy spans to give our clients/operators a competitive edge by including plans to;

  • Ensure all environmental, compliance, government regulations and best practices are applied
  • Assist with compliance, safety, design review, permitting, reporting, due diligence and training
  • Identify domestic and international regulations and standards that have impact and liability exposure
  • Assistance with seamless implementation
  • Develop innovative, proactive, cost-effective action plans


Our consultants are experienced, certified and hold industry degrees that have enabled them to be qualified to provide a wide-range of consultancy in the following areas:

  • Industrial Safety
  • Design and Development
  • Gap Analysis
  • Safety Environmental Management Systems
  • Auditing
  • Contract Advisory
  • Inspections