Safety Environmental Management Systems (SEMS)

The Dascal consultants are ahead of the game as it relates to SEMS regulations and initiatives.  Recently the US Bureau of Ocean Energy Management Regulation and Enforcement (BOEMRE) enforced a voluntary management system known as, API RP 75, and made it a mandated requirement for offshore owners and operators.  This new regulation was the development of  SEMS whereby the new rule has subsequently transitioned the original thirteen requirements under API RP 75 into a mandatory requirement as a new SEMS rule.

Dascal consultants  recognize that for many OCS operators, SEMS is a continuation of  an existing management system.  For others that have just begun to develop a SEMS program, understanding the correct path can be a very challenging task.  With our consultancy, all mandates will be advised on and covered in the scope.  Our team has a keen understanding of all SEMS guidelines so the Dascal Group can you lead down the correct path to compliance.

Dascal Group’s talented group of consultants deliver a variety of customized  services to assist in the implementation of SEMS including:

  • Design and development of  SEMS program  including written policies and procedures
  • SEMS element implementation
  • Gap Analysis
  • Contractor review and qualification
  • Integration of SEMs programs into existing management systems
  • Annual review of SEMS program
  • Well site SEMS coordinators
  • Third party audit for SEMs compliance
  • Execution of bridging documents


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